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Geodata visualization

What is Location Intelligence?

Location Intelligence refers to georeferenced BI data. Information on georeferenced locations and areas is prepared. The maps serve not only as a display object in a dashboard, but can also assume the function of a selection component.

GeoBI = Location Intelligence

The application possibilities of GeoBI are huge. It allows you analyze the performance of the retail stores, area sales figures. Combine heterogeneous external market data in a consumer mapping and develop experience values for business intelligence.

Wikipedia: Location intelligence (LI), or spatial intelligence, is the process of deriving meaningful insight from geospatial data relationships to solve a particular problem. It involves layering multiple data sets spatially and/or chronologically, for easy reference on a map, and its applications span industries, categories and organizations It is generally agreed that more than 80% of all data has a location element to it and that location directly affects the kinds of insights that you might draw from many sets of information.

Maps have been used to represent information throughout the ages, but what might be referenced as the first example of true location ‘intelligence’ was in London in 1854 when John Snow was able to debunk theories about the spread of cholera by overlaying a map of the area with the location of water pumps and was able to narrow the source to a single water pump. This layering of information over a map was able to identify relationships, and in turn insights that might otherwise never have been understood. This is the core of location intelligence today.

Deploying location intelligence by analyzing data using a geographical information system (GIS) within business is becoming a critical core strategy for success in an increasingly competitive global economy. Location or GIS tools enable spatial experts to collect, store, analyze and visualize data. Location intelligence experts are defined by their advanced education in spatial technology and applied use of spatial methodologies.

Location intelligence experts can use a variety of spatial and business analytical tools to measure optimal locations for operating a business or providing a service. Location intelligence experts begin with defining the business ecosystem which has many interconnected economic influences. Such economic influences include but are not limited to culture, lifestyle, labor, healthcare, cost of living, crime, economic climate and education.

Geodata visualization

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